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Adobe Blues

63 Lafayette Avenue

Tex Mex food, beer, cocktails and live music on the North Shore of Staten Island, since 1992.


David Lenza

Monday, July 2, 2018
Great food and beer selection. Very courteous staff and very reasonable prices make Adobe Blues a must for anyone seeking a great Tex/Mex dinning experience. Also if you love listening to live music while dining ( and who doesn't?) Wisit Adobe Blues Wednesday night. You'll really be in for a treat!

Chris Guzman

Sunday, May 27, 2018
The food was good here, I wish they had more vegetarian options on the menu though, this place seems to cater towards meat dishes more than anything. The waiter that served my table was very helpful and even suggested that I order white rice instead of their house rice which contained chicken broth in it. I was not aware of that as the menu said nothing about that so the waiter was very helpful in that aspect. I really wish they would add more vegetarian dishes or have the option to substitute meat for tofu or another substitute but I would definitely come here again based off of my experience with the staff here.

mike olsen

Wednesday, May 30, 2018
A real gem of the island with really good food and a great beer selection. Had the octopus appetizer for the first time and it was fantastic. The bartenders are also very knowledgeable and make a great margarita!

Jan Christensen

Monday, Feb. 19, 2018
An enjoyable Tex-Mex restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere. A good, rotating selection of beers. The menu features typical selections as well as some original takes on familiar dishes. Service was friendly and prompt - and most of all, the meals were tasty. It's a place I'm happy to recommend to others.

Paula Oliver

Wednesday, May 9, 2018
Went here yesterday for a family meal. It seemed apparent there has been a change of staff, since we haven’t gone in 2 years. They had an unlimited taco special for Monday and Tuesday. (For those who may be interested). The menu was diverse, for vegetarians and meet lovers. The food was good, no issues there. The horrific waitress was the issue. Not a smile not a pleasant gesture at all. She was very stoic. We were with our 3 year old son, and the 5 times she came to the table (the entire time) he tried to speak with her- she ignored him. This broke my heart. Not once did she acknowledge him. Very cold, and we were not looking for a conversation. Seriously- so my son and husband went to the car, and I waited for her to come and bring the check. I took this time to address her behavior. She said oh I didn’t understand him so..... I said you didn’t even acknowledge him! Are you serious. Stuck up - nasty person. I did speak to the manager and he apologized, but said “yeah she can be like that- I’m so sorry”. As I am aware, management is not fully responsible, but it seems as though this isn’t a first off. The 2 tables adjacent to us mirrored the same gut wrenching response to her nasty energy. A piece of advice to the owners, and management staff- training training training. Hospitality, service etc....these fields at the very least require a good attitude. Adobe Blues is not the only place on the Island, yet this waitress thinks she doesn’t have to be nice or cordial. Hope they can make some changes, and having gone there a lot prior to this last visit, we were hoping for the same experiences we had had 2 years ago.

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