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Andy's Jazz Club

11 East Hubbard Street

It was in 1975 when Scott Chisholm, took responsibility for operation of "Andy's". Mindful of the current clientele, neither the name/décor/focus was changed during this process. A short time later the building changed hands as investor interest changed, but Scott requested to stay in ownership of "Andy's"...and has been the owner ever since!

It was 1977 when traditional jazz promoters Penny Tyler and guitarist John Defauw literally turned the corner and set in motion the wheels of subtle change in the little saloon known as "Andy's". Penny and John had been producing lunchtime jazz sessions throughout various parts of the downtown area of the city and ironically were in the process of searching for a new venue after a run at Marina Towers abruptly came to an end. Just a short block and a half away from Marina Towers they happened across "Andy's" and after a short discussion had found a new home for their lunch Jazz Session right here at "Andy's".

These Jazz Sessions originally were scheduled once a week, every Friday at noon. After a short while the response was so positive that the saloon expanded the Friday Jazz At Noon Sessions to include Friday Jazz at 5...Andy's Jazz Club was born. The Jazz soon expanded to 5 days a week, with music being performed both during the lunch hour and for the after work crowd. Jazz At 5 in turn expanded to Jazz at 9, bringing the club to our performance pinnacle of 3 full bands every day of the week - noon, 5pm & 9pm.Over the past 30 years the area has continued to expand and grow to the trendy hub it has now become. Times change and Andy's has altered its musical offerings to meet with those new demands of its avid customers. While the Jazz At Noon may be taking a much needed hiatus and is no longer offered, Jazz At 5 & Jazz At 9 are still very much Alive!

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