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BB's Jazz, Blues and Soups

700 South Broadway

The 700 South Broadway building which houses BB's was known as Phil's Hotel as late as 1969, and has a colorful past. Since its original construction in the mid 1800's, in an area then known as "Frenchtown" with a further 3 story addition at the turn of the century, the location has been used as a home, boarding house, reception hall, merchantile, millinery, transient hotel, bar, diner, and a House of Ill Repute with 37 rooms between its 2nd and 3rd floors.

We're a new company that's been around for a long time. We're brimming with enthusiasm. We're stoked about our staff, our City's music and culture, the food, the drinks, the artworks, the memorabilia, and the whole overall operation


NomNom Gnome

Friday, July 27, 2018
Literally the best place for Blues in town! Been around since 1976 and near Busch Stadium among couple of other blues bars, this place never fails to provide good times and good drinks! Not to forget to mention their soups and food- especially the lobster bisque is amazing! Always a place to visit when in town!

William Steele

Monday, April 2, 2018
Great place for live music, drinks, and food. The menu was nothing special, but it was good and reasonably priced. The service was OK, and the music was great. The decor and atmosphere makes this relatively small venue feel grander. Some may feel like they're walking into the "wrong side of town" when they cross under the overpass to get here, but I saw nothing to make me uncomfortable walking to and from here from downtown; and the establishment itself was as "classy" as any blues bar can be. It's a very short walk from Busch stadium.

David Hemingway

Sunday, July 1, 2018
Great music club with ok food. The walls of this bar just drip with the essence of blues and jazz. pictures of legends on the wall along with the not so legendary but all great! Check out the art in the upstairs bathroom. Tom Hall had the opening for the evening. Enjoyed his solo blues numbers until about 9:30. At 10 Skeet Roger's "New Inner City Blues Band" opened for the evening headliner. This band was tight, together and a joy to listen to. After a couple of warm up songs Skeet joined the band and just sang the blues. A wonderful, very entertaining evening. Live music seems to be scheduled every evening, great spot, don't miss it!

Samantha Burns

Saturday, Aug. 4, 2018
Not really prepared for groups, and our server seemed pretty pissed he was asked to split checks. However, food was great and loved the music. Would definitely go back!

Shelley Justiss

Tuesday, April 3, 2018
If a live jazz dive bar with homemade soups daily is what you're looking for, you're in luck. Seems a strange combination, but believe me it works. Great live jazz, St. Louis style, nightly, I think. And fresh, housemade soups are the opening act you actually want to hear. Bartender was friendly and helpful. Location is dicey, but fun dicey, not scary dicey. Big lot for a grocery store across the street offers plenty of parking. Definitely worth checking out while in St. Louis.

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