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Brown Hound Bistro

6459 State Route 64

The Brown Hound brings a level of friendly, casual service that is always professional.  Accommodating, courteous and efficient, the servers at the Brown Hound are light-hearted and approachable. We work daily to be educated about all the elements of your experience so that we may satisfy your needs on every level.


Beth Treiber

Tuesday, May 21, 2013
We so enjoyed our meals at The Brown Hound Bistro. We are often in this area and this restaurant is the best around. The food always is good, always fresh and we really appreciate that it is supporting the local economy by using all locate products. And the staff are amazingly skilled at what they do. If you eat inside it is a small restaurant and the staff do an incredible job of keeping things moving as well as always being pleasant and happy to serve you. One of the other fun elements is that when the weather is nice you can eat outside and really feel as if you are sitting in a beautiful spot in nature. Whenever we are in the area we make it a top priority to eat at The Brown Hound Bistro. We highly recommend it!

Joe Johnson

Sunday, Dec. 23, 2012
We had the Chicken Almond Amaretto meal....for $24! Skimpy portion of potatoes that taste like something grandma whips up for a thanksgiving meal (bland, nothing special); small piece of chicken breast with two or three cloves of cauliflower, all soaked in a nasty sweet sherry sauce...mashed potatoes and all! They charge, of what I consider to be higher than average prices, for sub-par skimpy portioned food, and served by a sloppy-put-together waitress. The best part about this place is having to make sure you're all done eating by 8pm because that's when they close the doors, and trust me, they'll send hints that they want you out the door by then. The big deal last night was their special promotion of "picking the golden ticket" out of a jar (per $30 spent). We picked out a 5% off dinner coupon, and YES, they do nickel and dime you at this place as the other person wrote reviewing this restaurant; I perceived 5% off our dinner as in our whole check, FALSE, they took a measly $1.20 off one of our chicken meals....WOW, I hope they don't break their bank with these generous promotions. Lastly, keep this in mind, it's about 25 degrees outside last night with the wind blowing, feeling like 25 below, and you walk into the place having to keep your coat on because they're too cheap to have the heat turned up in the place. It felt like it was about 50-55 degrees in there. I would not recommend anybody attending this restaurant, unless you're a tree-hugging yuppy who likes playing the part, and buying into their marketing gimmick, of buying local. Don't get me wrong, buying local is great, but when a business markets themselves as high quality place with high quality service and products, I expect in return....yes, high quality. I don't understand how a little dump like this stays in business with all the competition out there.

Tony Jefferson

Wednesday, July 2, 2014
Highly recommended! - Fantastic food in a casual atmosphere, reasonable prices, and great service from nice people. My wife and I particularly enjoy brunch - lot's of choices including scrambles, crepes, stuffed french toast, and even burgers for the less adventurous. For dinner we often enjoy the Beef Wellington. Not as long a drive as you'd think - 45 minutes or so from Rochester - about a 5-minute drive south of Bristol mountain.

Michael Maskalans

Sunday, June 22, 2014
Had dinner for two last night. Service was slower but pleasant and friendly. Red Newt Gevurtz was nothing to write home about but the food was all flat out amazing. We will return simply for the tuna tartar, it alone is worth the trip. Petite portions but typical of the upscale food they are serving.

Josh Muckley

Sunday, Feb. 3, 2013
Had dinner last night (~$30 per person) and then brunch the following morning (~$10 per person). Good variety and quality of food. The only complaint is the very limited hours and seating. Consider calling ahead. The experience is worth the effort!

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