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1940 Henderson Road

DeArini's Villa was established in September, 1967 by Dick and Catherine Tarini, along with Dick and Sandy Depaso. Fourteen Months later the Depaso family sold their half to Dick and Catherine.  Dick worked alongside his father, Madel Tarini, in the family's concrete business established in 1922, while Catherine continued to run DeArini's.From 1976 to 1981 Dick owned The Black Forrest Inn Restaurant, on Neil Ave. In 1979, Dick and Catherine opened the Old Church House, which was later sold and is known today as, The Refectory.  Catherine went on to excel in real estate, winning the 10 million dollar club award. Catherine passed away in 1987, and today Dick still owns and works Tarini Cement Contractors.
For the first two years, DeArini's opened at 4 p.m., for dinner only.  After working concrete all day, Dick took over the night shift at the Villa.  In 1969, Catherine took over because the business decided to add lunch to their menu. The specials of the day ran for $1.25.In 1970, Catherine decided to open for breakfast.  Because of the new construction of homes and large apartment complexes going up in the area, the workers had nowhere to go for their morning coffee, bacon and eggs. This lasted until 1978 when competition finally moved into the neighborhood.In 1979 DeArini's Two was opened, in the Columbus Square shopping center at 161 and Cleveland Ave.  Dick and Catherine's youngest son of three, Johnny Tarini, while still a junior in high school, became the manager of both stores. 

Some of Johnny's fondest memories go back as far as 5 yrs. old, standing on a milk crate, washing dishes alongside of mom as she cooked up the famous recipes still used today.He was once interviewed in the school newspaper about managing the family restaurants. One of his quotes was, "I sometimes wished I could fire myself, like the night I missed my prom".
 Then in 2001, Anthony Thomas Candy which stood beside DeArini's for 34 years moved their store. The expansion began, and a full service bar was born. The two family businesses played on the name Cementos, (Cement in Italian) the Perfect Pour.   The logo is, a cement truck pouring into a martini glass.  The bar top, floors and patio are made of decorative concrete.The latest expansion came in 2009 when another space became available.  The next door neighbor of 40 years, moved over and 800 square feet became available.  This allowed room for 2 extra bathrooms, more seating and a much needed stage and dance floor!Also in 2009, after 42 years of hard work and dedication and host to a thousand memories Dick Tarini sold the business to his son Johnny.  The two still collaborate on how to do it better.Our hats off to you both for decades and generations of fun and stories, many happy returns!

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