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Hal and Mal's

200 Commerce Street

About Us

Hal & Mal’s was conceived by brothers Hal and Malcolm White. the dream was rooted in a childhood on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, reinforced by years of living and working in New Orleans, and ultimately launched in Jackson in 1985. This gathering place has always been owned and operated by family – now the second and third generations. The multifunctional, souther-soul-soaked rooms are adorned with memorabilia and chock-full of local character; each one also features a stage for live music. The kitchen serves a steady offering of hearty regional stapes with a nod toward the Gulf of Mexico.

Hal & Mal’s is the most-talked-about upscale honky-tonk in all of Mississippi, where art is made, music plays, and folks gather to share community and celebrate the very best of Mississippi’s creative spirit.

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