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Hunt Country Vineyards

Hunt Country Vineyards
4021 Italy Hill Road

Open: Year Round

From classic dry vinifera wines, such as Pinot Gris and Cabernet Franc, to distinctive contemporary varietals like Valvin Muscat, Vignoles and our renowned Vidal Blanc Ice Wine, our goal is your enjoyment of a handcrafted wine of excellent value that captures the unique character of the Finger Lakes and our sixth generation family farm.

The Finger Lakes region is blessed with hot summers to ripen the grapes and chilly nights in early fall that capture even the most delicate fruit flavors. Our farm's gravelly loam soil retains the natural nutrients and provides excellent drainage. The sloping western flank of Keuka Lake helps ventilate the vines by maintaining airflow toward the valley floor. The cold water temperature of the lake in spring creates a cool microclimate that reins back the develoHunt Country wines (photo Seth Nenstiel)pment of fruit buds until the danger of frost has passed. In the fall, the lingering warmth of the lake water holds off early frosts and lengthens the ripening season by up to several weeks.

Since 2008, our wines have garnered over 50 major awards (Gold, Double Gold, Best of Class or Best of Show) in prestigious competitions across the country. For a convenient summary of all our wines, examine our comparison chart. You may easily and securely order all of our wines online. We are also proud to present a collection of over 60 wonderful Hunt Country recipes.

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