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901 O Street


Knickerbockers, 901 O St., will close Saturday, Dec. 26, after nearly 23 years serving Lincoln as a staple of the local live music. Owners Chris Kelley and Shawn Tyrrell are planning a group of special local shows for the last days of operation at the end of the month.

"The bar business is a lot of hard work and even more so when you add booking shows and promoting live music into the mix," Kelley said. "We were fortunate to see countless amazing shows over the years and cultivate so many wonderful stories, memories, and friends from this experience. That, above all else, has made the journey worth every moment."

An impressive list of artists have played Knickerbockers or booked through Knickerbockers at various venues throughout the years, including Ween, The Flaming Lips, Bo Diddley, Cheap Trick, Slipknot, Incubus,Fallout Boy, Todd Rundgren and Motorhead to name a few.

Kelley said he and Tyrrell hadn't given much thought to selling the building until recent developmentsthroughout downtown sprang up.We've been approached throughout the years, with being located at a prime corner of downtown Lincoln, but only now with the revitalization of the Haymarket and downtown was the timing right," Kelley said. "It's hard to go, but it's time."

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