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Morts Martini and Cigar Bar

923 East 1st Street North

 Located in historic Old Town in Wichita, KS, Mort's has an impressive martini menu with over 160
amazing martinis, and a full bar containing the finest collection of liquor, certain to tickle your taste
buds.We also have an extensive beer selection. So there will surely be something to quench your thirst. And if cigars are your thing, we have a quality cigar selection that will please even the cigar aficionado.
         Mort's is also known for our live local music. In the spring and summer months, you can find live bands on the patio 6 nights a week. In the fall and winter, there are live single and duo acts on the inside. But remember our heated patio - so you can enjoy the outdoors, and that fabulous cigar, all year round.

    After being around for over 15 years, Mort's has become a popular part of the Wichita past, present, and future. We provide exceptional service, and make you feel like a "regular" your first time in. And nowafter being with Mort's for over 14 years, Emma Russell is now partners with Morrie Sheets, foundingpartner and his brother Matt Sheets - the three coming together to provide 15 more years of memories.
    Mort's Gets You Home Safe -- Whether it's with our very own limo service or through our partnership with Troy's Rides, Mort's will make sure our customers get home safe and sound.

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