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Rhythm Kitchen Music Cafe

305 Southwest Water Street at the River Front

I wanted to be part of the revitalization on Peoria's River Front when I opened the Rhythm Kitchen Music Cafe in February 1999. My love of music, good home-cooked food, and a casual social setting influenced the design of the cafe. To create a relaxed atmosphere and retain a warehouse appearance we added an eclectic decor, a curved bar, an open kitchen, casual lounge area, family photos, and music.

On Friday and Saturday nights the Rhythm Kitchen Music Cafe features live jazz and blues in Peoria's coolest restaurants. All of our food is prepared, in limited quantities, fresh daily in our display kitchen. We prepare fresh food, not fast food, and cook everything to order, so that takes a little longer, but we feel that makes all the difference. We apologize if we have underestimated the popularity of a selection and you have to make another choice.I hope you enjoy your experience in the Rhythm Kitchen Music Cafe and come back often!

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