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Sebastian Beach Inn

7035 South Hwy A1A

The Sebastian Beach Inn is housed in Brevard County's last remaining Coastal Watch Station that served our nation during World War II. The building dates back to pre-war times; unfortunately the submarine watchtower was destroyed by Hurricane Francis in 2004. This site, used as a "safe haven" for seafarers from 1903 to shortly after WWII, housed the men that guarded our shores.  The men who were stationed here were often called upon to row their longboats into treacherous seas to rescue floundering sailors whose ships had encountered misfortune.  Many schooner captains owed their lives, and the lives of their crew and passengers, to these brave men.  The Coastal Watch Station was decommissioned after WWII and the Sebastian Beach Inn was born.  It rapidly became the favorite beachside restaurant and bar for residents and tourists alike.

During the late 1960's and 1970's the SBI house drink, the "Bahama Mama," became a legend.  Those who were hearty enough to drink three Bahama Mamas were permitted the honor of writing their names upon the wall and when the wall was filled they wrote on the ceiling!  Many famous names graced the S.B.I walls including those of some of our first astronauts, the first Soviet cosmonaut, movie stars, and political leaders. 

The SBI fell into complete ruin during the 1980's and became a candidate for the bulldozer; but the present owner, Gary J. Coppola, couldn't let this historic site be destroyed.  After almost a year of renovation and rebuilding the S.B.I opened again in 1990 and has been serving the community with its own special brand of hospitality since that time.

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