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The Historic Taos Inn

125 Paseo del Pueblo Norte

Since 1936, The Historic Taos Inn has welcomed famous folks like Greta Garbo, D. H. Lawrence,and Pawnee Bill. More recently, celebrities like Robert Redford and Jessica Lange have beenspotted sipping margaritas in the lobbyThe Inn was founded on a rich legacy of excellence.Our guests are eager to sample the atmosphere of old Taos yet expect modern amenities. Soour goal is to deliver just that. We aim to provide personal service in a warm and relaxedsurrounding.

What's so special about The Historic Taos Inn? Just this. When you step into the Inn, you stepinto Taos history.The Historic Taos Inn is made up of several adobe houses, which date from the1800s,and which surrounded a small plaza now the Inn's spectacular lobby. A community wellwaslocated in the center of the plaza. In its place today, a fountain is surrounded by verticalvigas, which rise two-and-a-half stories to a stained glass cupola.

In the 1890's, when Dr. Thomas Paul (Doc) Martin came to Taos as the county's first, and only,physician, he bought the largest of the houses now Doc Martin's Restaurant. Doc was a ruggedindividualist, but was dearly beloved because of his deep concern for his fellow man. Coveringthe county to treat his patients meant hitching up a team of horses and later his tin lizzie totravel for miles through mud and snow to set bones, break fevers and deliver babies.

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