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The Purple Fiddle

96 East Avenue

It was June of 2001 when (former) partner Kate and I first peered into the vacant DePollo Store on Front Street in historic Thomas. We immediately had a common vision for the space a varied and healthy deli menu, a community gathering space, and live Appalachian-based acoustic music. We also had our first spat in this instantly created business partnership.

"And it must have a good beer selection," I said.

"I am NOT raising my kids in a bar!" Kate cried.

And so our first disagreement led to that Purple Fiddle attribute of which we are most proud - a smoke-free, mostly-acoustic music venue where families can also enjoy tasting their favorite crafted beverage in a responsible and non-threatening environment.

Another thing for which we strived, was for consistent high-quality professional entertainment every weekend, but we never anticipated the overwhelming success we have had. Since opening 13 years ago, we have presented a performance every Friday and Saturday night at 8:30 pm! Sure there has been some wicked weather up here at 3000 feet, resulting in some last-minute cancellations, but somehow we are blessed by amazing and responsive musical creatives who have always responded to our call at the eleventh hour.

The Avett Brothers' last show at the Purple Fiddle!

These days we are thrilled to find that our music schedule practically fills itself six months in advance with nationally-touring professional acts eager to play our great-sounding, intimate space. For this we also give kudos to you, our customers, for always being attentive and respectful of the performances. Almost all of the bands mention this.

The best attribute of the Purple Fiddle is the people. They generate a keen and ardent life-force here. What is cultivated here is heart-warming and very much in the spirit of long-time DePollo Store owner, Mr. John DePollo, and his impromptu social gatherings. It is more than just a place to meet and greet, it has become the heart of an amazing community, where tender and creative souls gather to nurture powerful ideas and build surprising futures.

Plus, there is never a lack of someone to just step in and wash an ever-growing mountain of dishes - just because it is there!

We encourage you to stop in and share in our abundant good fortune.


Nathaniel Grayson

Wednesday, June 27, 2018
Amazing place to stop by for a bite to eat before or after a hike in one of the beautiful parks close by! Awesome devote and such a modern hippie rustic vibe to it. Vegetarian friendly and such a cool staff. To die for ice cream imported from the Lakeside Creamery in Deep Creek Maryland! Most of the time you can catch some live music while you enjoy your food as well! Highly recommended.

cullen coleman

Thursday, July 5, 2018
Nice place to listen to live music. The food, although limited in selection, is good. But, there's only a few choices, and I didn't see a salad listed on the menu. They do have a good selection of beer, and there is also ice cream.

Phil T

Friday, July 6, 2018
The food was really, really good. But that's the only thing I can say was good about my visit. Service was really slow to order, a girl came out to the desk twice and ignored us trying to order. Later I watched lots of people waiting to order from one guy while another guy at a different register totally ignored everyone. It took about 20 minutes to get our food and our chips and salsa appetizer came out with our sandwiches. We also did not receive a table number so the girl had to wander around asking who ordered this. There were a lot of flies, which later i found the source of when i went to throw away my empty beer bottle in the trash next to the front door and a lot of flies flew up out of the can. The trash obvious was there from the day before since they were only open an hour that day when we got there. I really appreciate the vintage atmosphere of the building but vintage and dirty are different things and the place could seriously use a cleaning and replace some of the many burnt out light bulbs. Had it not been for the seriously delicious food I would have given only 1 star.

Charles Gaumond

Friday, July 6, 2018
I have attended only folk music events here and enjoyed it very much. At the last concert, the sound level was too high, but after requesting less amplification the owner complied and the rest of the show was much better. Personally, I like to hear unamplified music. Many of the acts include unknown or regional performers. We've never had a bad time. We stayed at an Airbnb in Thomas and one in Davis. Both were really nice.

Mike Wilburn

Tuesday, June 5, 2018
Decent place. Charges extra for credit cards. Has weird hipster foods like quinoa salad and humus instead of normal bar food. Don't expect a burger. Musicians are pretty good but they're all folk/bluegrass

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