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Wabash BBQ

646 south Kansas City Avenue

The Wabash Railway Station, constructed in 1927, is a red brick railway station constructed in the Mission-style. The interior features brick walls, and a light and dark patterened terrazzo tile floor with brass strips. The plastered ceiling in the passenger waiting area features plaster beams and ornate brackets. The first floor of the main section contains the original waiting room, restrooms, office with ticket window and baggage room. This area is used as a non-smoking restaurant area. The addition, from when it housed The Dairy, has four rooms and is used as a bar and restaurant area.

The station was built on the original site of the old barn of the Excelsior Springs Riding Academy, which was razed in May, 1927. On Nov. 7, 1927, W.A. Greenland of Moberly, division superintendent of the Wabash, S.N. Crowe of Moberly, division engineer, and R.E. Mohr of St. Louis, chief architect, inspected the newly completed station. E.L. Lutz, inspector for the Wabash supervised the construction. The Wabash line, 8.7 miles in length, was known as a branch line and connected Excelsior Springs directly with St. Louis, Buffalo and New York City. Lutz employed a landscape gardener who sodded the parking around the station with blue grass sod and an Armor River private hedge around the station grounds. A second track was laid adjacent to the station for private cars belonging to railway officials. However, the highway system was soon efficient enough to draw riders from the Wabash line. On Sept. 9, 1933, the last run of the Wabash came into Excelsior Springs. After arriving shortly after 4 p.m., the station furniture and supplies were loaded, and the train returned over the line to Moberly. "With the passing of the branch line, which had much to do with the development of the country and the spread of civilization, some of the romance of the early american transportation history will be lost. The penalty of progress is the loss of old things, which have been superseded by changing conditions," declared one Excelsior Springs news article.


Kenneth Smith

Wednesday, June 20, 2018
Good food. Reasonably priced. Historic setting. Lots of old pictures of trains makes one feel as though a train will be arriving soon at this old converted train station. Update: I returned today for a sit-down meal with a friend. First, as to service, our server, Beth was on top of her game. Best service in a very long time. The food was as good as I remember. Loved their hot BBQ sauce. The ribs, (first time having them), were smoky and fall-off-the-bone tender. Today's visit earned them another star for a 5-star experience, up from 4 stars 3 months ago.


Monday, July 2, 2018
This is really good BBQ restaurant. They do it old school. You get so much food for the price you pay. It is in an old train station, which is neat. They serve drinks too. They have a big menu. We will definitely be going back. My kids loved the food too.

Michael Bishop

Sunday, June 17, 2018
This is without a doubt my single favorite BBQ restaurant. Everything there is delicious. I want to drink the sauce it is so good. We moved out of Excelsior Springs a while back, but make the drive just to eat here. I wish it was closer so I could eat more often.

Rick Winter

Tuesday, July 3, 2018
Was very excited to try this place. We drove an hour to finally try this joint out. The crowded parking lot added to my anticipation. As you walk in kind of a cool funky hole in the wall kind of place vibe. Great service. Sauce was very good. Fries were decent. burnt ends were pure mush and clearly had been soaking in juice for hours. Gross. If they came from a smoker, I never would have known. My short end ribs were fatty as hell and close to inedible. Just bad. The "legendary" beans clearly came from a can. Just bummed. By the way, if the health department raided that crew you have out there cooking with cigarettes all over the place.... I like hole in the wake joints like LCs. This one can't hold a candle to it or 100 other places in the KC area. Bigly sad.

erin dalbey-rangel

Saturday, April 28, 2018
I sampled their BBQ at Rockin Ribs in Springfield. It was the first booth we came across. That 2 oz sample was going to be hard to beat... and no other booth's that were serving samples did. We came back after making our rounds and, happily, they were still serving. Honestly, we didn't need to try any others, as far as our vote went. Hands down, it was the best! Next time I head north, I will be doing a detour to Excelsior to get the full experience!

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